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Use EE Contact Phone Number 0844 453 5074 to contact EE

EE Contact Phone Number

24/7 EE Contact Phone Number: 0844 453 5074

About EE

EE was formed as a joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange in 2010. EE launched its 4G Services in September 2012. Till the end of 2014, EE has specified its goal of making 90% UK People with 4G Connectivity.

EE offers home broadband and Mobile phone services around the UK. It is the one of the UK’s top mobile phone networks and it was one of the first mobile service providers to offer 4G Services. If you are looking to upgrade your mobile network and might be thinking about moving to EE or if you are already Registered EE customer and want to check what deals are best for you, you can call the EE Contact Phone number today and one of the EE customer support executives will be happy to help you solve your problems.

Looking to upgrade your EE mobile phone?

If you are looking to upgrade your EE Mobile Phone, Call the EE Phone number: 0844 453 5074. EE Customer executives will advise you of the many options to upgrade your mobile handset. It may include the following:

  1. Samsung Series
  2. Iphone 6s
  3. Galaxy note
  4. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
  5. Blackberry Q5

Some FAQs regarding EE Broadband Issues:

Q: How to get EE Broadband or EE Fibre Broadband?

A: If you are looking for EE Broadband Services, you can visit the EE Official website and go to the availability checker to check what services you can get from EE. If you are already with another provider then EE can assist you to move your service from them to EE. You can contact the EE Customer Services team by calling on EE Contact Phone number: 0844 453 5074 to get EE Broadband Services.

Q: Is EE’s Broadband really unlimited?

A: Yes, if you select an unlimited plan – it’s completely unlimited!

Q: What Speeds can we expect on Broadband from EE?

A:  a) EE Broadband Speeds are up to 17mb/sec.

      b) EE Fibre Broadband speeds are up to 76mb/sec.

Contact EE Head office:

Name: EE UK Plc
Address: PO Box 486 Rotherham, S63 5ZX
Phone: 0844 453 5074

Disclaimer: Calls are charged at 7p per minute. Contact phone number is a UK’s local Phone book directory service which is not affiliated with EE. It helps you to directly connect with EE Customer support department.